Power kiting is a recreational activity in which a large kite provides significant pull or propels the user. In general it is of three forms: Foils, Leading edge inflatable and Supported leading edge. This is a type of kite that is designed to provide proper pull to the user of the kite. These kites are normally rigid frame soft single skin types of kites. These kites have different control systems mostly used with two to five lines and a bag or handles. Farshad Farivar says that most of the foil kites are manufactured for use on land because they are opened celled and as a result air flows in and out. This can be beneficial for safety purpose as it can depower the kite. There is some exception for new foils that used closed celled technology.

Farshad Farivar says that power kiting is an activity that is generally executed using a vehicle or board like kite surfing on a kite board, kite buggying on a purpose-built 3- wheeled cart, kite jumping, using a power kite for jumping above the ground, Kite land boarding on all terrain/mountain/board, kite skating on all terrains, kite boating on boat, man lifting, snow kitting on snowboards.
When Farshad Farivar talks about kite surfing he says that it is a surface water sport and is combination of various other related activities like wake boarding, wind surfing, gymnastics, surfing, paragliding and one extreme sport. Here Farshad Farivar would like to state that the terms kite boarding and kite surfing can be used in place of one another and kite boarding also refers to kite snowboarding or kite land boarding. This activity can be performed in many different ways like free style, free ride, down winders, speed, course racing, wave ridings, and jumping and wake style. Farshad Farivar informs that the participant has to harness the power of the wind with a huge controllable power kite so that it can be propelled across the water with or without foot straps or bindings.
Farshad Farivar says that kite buggy is another activity that is related to power kiting and is light, purpose built vehicle powered by traction kite. This is a single seated with one steerable front wheel and two rear fixed wheels. Another term that Farshad Farivar has used is land boarding which is based on the ever growing sport of kite surfing. In this activity the rider is pulled over water by a kite. Kite skating is another land based extreme sport where Farshad Farivar enjoys it using powerful controllable kites to propel the participant of inline skates.
When Farshad Farivar discuss about kite boating he wants to say that this is an activity in which kites are used as a power source to propel a boat. This activity is normally carried out in lakes and seas. Research is being carried out to find out various ways in which the kites can be used to generate electric power that can be fed into a power grid.